Banggai Regency is situated in the eastern peninsula of Central Sulawesi Province.
Covering the area, spanning around 9,672.70 km2 with 18 sub-districts, the region has somewhat brought dynamic to the people.
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Economic empowerment program includes support for entrepreneurial activity in agriculture, fisheries, and savings.

As an equal partner to the community, Donggi Senoro LNG currently implements local economy development programme based on local livelihood capacity in the community. Now days, more women and children involved in micro financing and family savings. Meanwhile, more men and youth groups are also participated and benefited from the agricultural activity including trainings, cultivation and crops management.

In the agricultural sector, residents in Honbola and Dimpalon village, has been encouraged to take advantage of non-productive land for growing vegetables. Freshwater aquaculture also being introduced to local community.


The presence of DSLNG at the region has sparked a multiplier effect in the community where the economics is growing.
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