Banggai Regency is situated in the eastern peninsula of Central Sulawesi Province.
Covering the area, spanning around 9,672.70 km2 with 18 sub-districts, the region has somewhat brought dynamic to the people.
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Our journey to deliver transformative development with community
As in its effort to become a safe and reliable LNG provider, Donggi Senoro LNG has put a strong commitment to develop an integrated community-based development program in a very beginning of the company construction process. It was at 2008 when Donggi Senoro LNG started the initial relation with community through what we called theIntroduction Phase. Most of the supports given are dominated by the philanthropy activities which designed to influence positive values from the presence of the company. It is also for constituency building and generating favorable perceptions among opinion leaders and wide-community. Yet, this phase has its limitations.

Therefore, in 2011 we enhanced our performance in delivering services to community as well as leverage our relation through the Penetration Phase. A positive social diffusion effort undertaken at the grass-root level resulting the establishment of community center in this phase. Together with our implementer partner, we established 3 CSR Centers (or it is commonly named Rumah Pendampingan) at three nearby villages; Uso, Honbola and Kalolos. It has brought a significant impact to the level of community participation with the initial development programs.

In order to ensure its transformative development outputs implemented in every community-based project, Donggi Senoro LNG leverage its service to the level we called Engagement Phase. The main objective of this phase was strengthening and positioning CSR programme by engaging community as direct beneficiary through community-based related projects. In 2012 – 2013, CSR Programme Strategy was developed through a thematic workshop with relevant stakeholders and produced 7 programme outputs in which reflect to 7 multi-sectors in the programme. Those 7 outputs are; Community Health, Education, Livelihoods and Local Economic Development, Infrastructure, Socio and Cultural, Environment, and Humanitarian Support. Therefore, in 2014 we are in the effort to implement all of these sectors to achieve each target and moreover add more valuable impacts to the host and neighboring communities. Our commitment to deliver transformative development to the community will be forceful strengthened further as we plan to implement the Development Phase starts from 2015 onward. The CSR framework will extend to a more-wider programme approach on strategic partnerships with local and national government bodies as well as potential relevant institutions/ organization in order to capitalize corporate positioning and visibility pertaining to DSLNG corporate’s vision and mission.

A glimmer of hope from their success story
Since 2013, Donggi Senoro LNG struggled to implement community development strategy through its  7 programme outputs even though the company was still in the construction stage. Not just facing ups and downs, we are also challenged to be more creative in developing projects that gradually bring real changes in the society and be responsible to the investment made. Gratefully, a glimmer of hope comes while DSLNG were reflecting its implemented, ongoing and pipeline programmes.

The Corporate Social Responsibility programme by Donggi Senoro LNG is now in the middle of transition from the Engagement Phase to the Development Phase. This process could be seen through the seven development sectors which is the main framework of current CSR programme within DSLNG.

At the Education sector, DSLNG currently implements scholarships programme with Institut Pertanian Bogor . There are 5 best students from local sub-districts supported and invested to become the future leader of Banggai through their respective interest. Moreover, we are also currently implementing mutual partnerships with the Government of Banggai to increase the number of skilled human resources. In April to July 2014, we conducted a simultaneous vocational training on welding and automotive to potential youth in villages to increase their capacity and knowledge as a worker or entrepreneur. The training was a success and brought a new perspective of working to the participants. A range of education pipeline projects have been set in this transition period to the Development Phase and DSLNG CSR will go further beyond that.

From the Health sector, Donggi Senoro LNG participated to increased community access to health facility and services. Together with the health centers at sub-districts, DSLNG conducted the dengue fever and malaria prevention programme on August 2014. The program was intended to increase community’s resilience to malaria and dengue risks.

As an equal partner to the community, Donggi Senoro LNG currently implements local economy development programme based on local livelihood capacity in the community. Now days, more women and children involved in micro financing and family savings. Meanwhile, more men and youth groups are also participated and benefited from the agricultural activity including trainings, cultivation and crops management.
DSLNG committed to support in increasing the quality of life for the host and neighboring communities surrounding the project because DSLNG cares and fully-aware on the human development.
The presence of DSLNG at the region has sparked a multiplier effect in the community where the economics is growing.
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