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The year 2014 marked as a remarkable period for DSLNG plant project. Started with the entrance of the upstream natural gas flow into the plant’s system at the end of September.

The gas flow that was utilized to start up the electricity generator in early October indicated the start of the commissioning phase.

Then all the plant’s system went through the commissioning process as the gas liquefaction process sequence, the phases from Wet Flare Ignition, Fuel Gas System Checks, Gas Turbine Generators (GTG's), Hot Oil Heater, Propane (C3) and Mix Refrigent (MR) Compressors, Boil Off Gas (BOG) Compressor and all auxiliary systems.

Another important milestone was the DSLNG inauguration by the government of the Republic of Indonesia on 8 October 2014 in Bojonegoro, East Java.

This moment also create a new chapter in gas development in Indonesia, because DSLNG project is the first under the downstream business scheme, which separates the gas production at the upstream and the liquefied natural gas processing at the downstream. The downstream business development allows optimization of state revenue because the LNG plant investment is not subject to cost recovery by the government.

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