Community Development

DSLNG has placed a strong commitment to develop an integrated community-based development program in the early stage of construction.

From 2008 to 2010, DSLNG entered into the introduction phase of community engagement activities. Most of the supports given at the time were philanthropic activities. these activities were designed to raise awareness of our presence and our project.

From 2011 until 2014, we started to enter into Engagement Phase where the building blocks of sustained community programs were developed. During this time, a positive social diffusion effort was undertaken at the grass-root level and resdulted in the establishment community centers. Together with our implanting partner, we established three CSR Centers (commonly known as Rumah Pendampingan) at three nearby villages; Uso, Honbola, and Kalolos.

It has brought a significant impat to the level of community participation with the initial community development programs.

The main objective of this phase was to strengthen and position CSR program by engaging community as direct beneficiary through community-based related projects.

In 2012-2013, our CSR Program was developed into seven framework which includes Community Health, Education, Livelihood and Local Economic Development, Infrastructure, Socio-Cultural, Environment, and Humanitarian Support.

In 2014, we are strengthening the building blocks of a sustained community by implementing all programs in all sectors to achieve valuable impacts to the local communities.

Our commitment to deliver transformative developments to the community will be strengthened further with the implementation of the Development Phase from 2015 onwards. With programs and activities will extend and approach on strategic partnerships with local and national government bodies.